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English-speaking visitors

Welcome to Sellerie-Equivar !


Sellerie-Equivar is a web-based tack-room dedicated to:

- genuine “Iberian” type saddles,
- fine “classical” saddlery.


Our main suppliers are: ZALDI (Salamanca), LUDOMAR (Salamanca), MONTURAS ARTESANAS DE TALAVERA-LUCAS (Talavera de la Reina) and GOMES EQUESTRE (Meirinhas Pombal).

All the saddles and related equipment presented in our web-catalogue are branded products made by hand in local work-shops,

- using high quality materials (real leather),

- in conformity with a time-honoured know-how,

- and integrating advanced technological devices (flexible tree) when safety and/or comfort for both horse and rider are concerned.


Our clients may:

- select the sizes they need (for seat and gullet, flaps length, knee rolls shape, etc.),

- choose and combine the colours and materials they prefer,

- add decoration (rings, leather filigree, own initials, etc.)


Please have a close look to each and every saddle presented in our web-catalogue:


And feel free to send us a mail in English explaining what you are looking for. State the reference number(s) of the saddle(s) that hold(s) your attention and interest. Sellerie-Equivar will answer in English, giving its comments and advices. We will also give you our recommendations on how to choose the appropriate size for the seat and the gullet.     

Contact us :

In case (hopefully) you found the right saddle meeting your requirements, fitting both horse and rider, Sellerie-Equivar will give you all information regarding order form, payment procedure, delivery period, transport, guarantee, etc.


Please return to homepage and enjoy your tour !




























































































































































































































































English-speaking visitors